Malankara Catholic Charities Houston

A non-profit charity organization of St.Peter's Malankara Catholic Church,Stafford.

Malankara Catholic Charities  Houston(MCCH) is to foster educational, habitat and medical support to the needy, regardless of their belief: to encourage and empower  youth for philanthropic and beneficence service to the marginalized and impoverished community: to create public awareness about their rights and privileges.

Our mission

Faith Love Hope

To share God’s care to everyone,regardless of their belief, to create society based on faith, love and hope.

Our Focus Areas

MCCH facilitates educational, habitat, and medical support to everyone, regardless of their belief and empowers youth for philanthropic service to the marginalized society.


We provide educational support for students aspiring nursing and other professional courses.

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Medical Support

We provide medical support for patients who need financial help with deprived economic situations.

Housing Support

We provide housing support to assist people to build secure and stable living conditions.


Orphanage Support

We provide assistance for food and medicine to people residing at orphanages or mentally challenge facilities.


Family Assistance

We provide relocation assistance to the families or person in need.

Youth Empowerment

We empowers youth through volunteer relation and community outreach.

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Thank you for your support for the construction of the house.We gratefully acknowledge your service for the mission.

- Rev.Fr.Stephen,Pedera Mission,AndraPradesh,India

Thank you for your contribution for our institution.Your support helps us to continue in our mission and to assist those in our community.

- Rev.Fr.Mathew Pezhummootil,St.Mary's Karunya Bhavan,Konni,India