Our Mission & our vision

Malankara Catholic Charities Houston(MCCH) is a non-profit organization of St.Peter’s Malankara Catholic Church, Stafford, Texas for charitable and developmental activities.


An organization that is driven by the principles of faith and deep commitment to serving others, MCCH acts  to address the needs of less fortunate and providing services and spreading the love and compassion.With the invaluable contributions from the parish members and well-wishers it recognizes the needs of individuals who are struggling to meet their basic needs and create a stable foundation for individuals to build their lives.

— Our Mission

Inspired by God’s compassion, MCCH facilitates educational, habitat and medical support to the vulnerable,provide food to the orphans and responds to emergency needs. For imparting and empowering youth, MCCH motivates with humanitarian initiatives and endeavors. 

— Our Vision

To share God’s care for everyone,regardless of their belief and to empower youth for philanthropic service to create a society in faith,love and hope.

— Objective

Based on Gospel values, encourage the community to enrich spiritual values of giving and sharing for  imparting the virtues of charity, dignity, respect and hope.