Focus Areas


Educational Support

Educational support to the students aspiring for nursing and other professional courses. Deserving students from Malankara Catholic Dioceses who joined the  courses will be selected.This program aims to facilitate adequate professionals for the sustainable growth of poor families. 

Assistance for medical care

Medical support intents to support when there is an urgent need of  intervention to the individuals under Malankara Catholic diocese or recommended by diocese. The criteria for support are tied to the individual’s condition.

The goal is to ensure that the right level of care is provided,offering a tailored response to each person’s medical needs,ultimately saving lives and preserving health.


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Orphanage Support

Orphanage Support focused on providing assistance to the orphanages or mentally challenge facilities run by Malankara Catholic diocese or affiliated institutions.It comprises the institution with orphans,disabled,children,mentally challenged,propriety to the institution run by Malankara catholic Diocese or religious institutions.

The primary objective is to ensure the well-being of residents under these facilities by addressing their needs.

Housing Support

Housing support(full or partial) will be provided to the people from the Malankara Catholic Dioceses with low income to help them build a stable and secure living condition.

Family Assistance

Family Assistance offers a range of support, including relocation and emergency assistance to the parishioners and individuals who are in need.Immediate assistance will be given to those  who are in need of basic  requirements  due to challenging circumstances.

The goal is to offer financial aid, emotional support, reinforcing the sense of community and care within the parish.

Youth Empowerment

Empowerment of youth envisions the support to volunteer and to organize support groups for blood-drive,food-drive,incase of natural calamities etc.Conduct programs for youth interaction and learning,opportune charity initiatives.